Unbroken Curriculum Coming Soon. . .

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In the California mountains on a June day in 1954, a mess of boys tumbled from a truck and stood blinking in the sunshine. They were quick-fisted, hard-faced boys, most of them veterans of juvenile hall. Louie stood with them, watching them feel earth without pavement, space without walls. He felt as if he were watching his own youth again.

So opened the great project of Louie’s life, Victory Boys Camp. Beginning with only an idea and very little money, he’d found a campsite, talked businesses into donating materials, and spent two years building the camp himself.

At Victory, lost boys found themselves. . . . . When he wasn’t with his campers, Louie was walking the world, telling his story everywhere from classrooms to stadiums.........
TODAY Louie’s story will be taught in classrooms across the country! Unbroken Curriculum is COMING SOON!

(Excerpt from Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand)