The Unbroken Curriculum

"We Call It Authentic Learning" Dr. James M. Largent, Retired Superintendent of Schools

Education for the 21st Century

This curriculum provides a 'real-life' example of overcoming adversity and providing these young adults with hope. The immersive teaching methods are designed to bring every student into the conversation exploring and analyzing every life changing aspect of Louis Zamperini’s incredible life.

• Character-Building Content

* Immersive Methodology

• Collaborative Interaction

• Transformative Results

The Louis Zamperini Foundation Presents Unbroken Curriculum, a companion to the Young Adult Adaptation of the book, Unbroken.

This dynamic new learning experience teaches high school students to emulate the life skills of Olympian and World War ll Hero in building character, overcoming adversity and resolving interpersonal conflicts.

Its four-year public school pilot program demonstrated a significantly heightened level of student-to-student empathy and bonding that drew in even at-risk and “lone-wolf” students. The social and emotional development resulted in a measurable reduction in bullying and overall school violence, and a newfound cohesiveness among students of all ethnicities and socio-economic strata.